All i want for Christmas is you

I wasnt going to do a Christmas post since no one but George is really giving me any gifts this year byt hey, its fun to dream away isnt it.

The one thing is really, really want is for Lukas to not come before NYE but before the 21. Can we do that? I believe in us…


Otherwise i wouldnt say no to this dress. Feels like it can hide a post baby belly very well.


Or these boots… Imagine them and the dress together. I would be the coolest mum about.

Or any of these two dresses from Silkfred. (Yes, im dreaming of dresses but its because my body feels all weird and big at the moment.)

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This blue is a dream isnt it

I also wouldnt say no to any kind of massage, manicure, spa treatment or self love.

Honestly though, its all about the baby at the moment. What we are wishing for from family is baby stuff. Playmat, baby bouncer, travel bed, mobile cot to the bed. Things that will make our life a bit easier but isnt necessary.

Plus the move next year means that any things for the house is a bit silly to wish for.

The nightmare before Christmas

Got my first Christmas gift from George yesterday. It was one he booked alreday last year and we’ve both been looking forward to for a whole damn year. We went to see Nightmare before Christmas in concert with original cast singing. As in Danny Elfman among others!!

A completely full wembley arena and it was just as amazing as we hoped. Even if the chairs were killing me there was no way i was leaving. George is building up a seriously strong Christmas game. I waddled around feeling happy and was wearing the most sparkly skirt i could find trailing glitter after me like a fairy.

December being as social as it is i have to plan my time. So im sending George on some things and agreeing to some with the caveat that i might not be able to make it. When about 6 weeks to go the tube is a nightmare not meant to be braved. Ive cancelled work dinner tonight but tomorrow its Kattas last dinner i London dinner and on Saturday brunch with Lollo. Plus im sneaking in a pedicure in my busy schedule…

Our home is just so cozy right now.

I made everyone get in the Christmas spirit at work. Natalia made this Christmas tree with our faces as baubles. Im going to miss these guys.

Light installations all over Wembley. Felt like a kid.

Super, duper mega excited.

For this!

First there was some music and beautiful illustrations.

Then they showed the whole movie while singing along with the songs. We had great seats and im so happy for this lovely, thoughtful and perfect when 8 months preggers christmas gift.

Came home and tried to take a selfie with the belly. Mostly me in a sea of glitter but nothing wrong with that.

All my pictures are so silly but i dont think im made for serene, pretty maternity shots. Maggie asked me if im getting some proffessional done and its just not me. Sorry baby but all you are going to have is pictures of your mum making stupid faces.

The calm before the storm

Went to the movies to see Last Christmas with Katta yesterday. Jesus i cried. Waterworks unstoppable. Blaming the pregnancy. And that im a soft hearted little crab. Loved it though. Plus so much London love in that movie. Dont want to leave now…

Before that i met my old manager. He wanted to discuss some future job opportunites. Its flattering when you are in month 8 to have someone trying to poach you already. It was lovely to see him as well. Im so bad at networking, thats my skill ill work on for next year.

Im so calm at the moment. Not at all like me. Have no energy or time for worrying. I think its lil baby giving me his positive energy. Things are falling into place and mostly i just walk around humming to myself and eating carbs. Why dont we always live like this? I mean, kale and stressing around versus chill out and carbs? Who convinced us to buy into the green fraud?

George is a little bit more stressed about work and life and everything so the focus is on him. Balance. I love when you can help each other and me, baby and Lukas try and surround him with calm love.

Making mini Christmas at work. Its really slowed down now so i come in late and leave early. With only a month to go im giving myself that right.

Katta and me filled with thai and candy. Best way to be. She leaves for good this Saturday. Sadness. But we are hanging out friday and eventually we’ll all be happy in Sweden.

Me and the belly

33 weeks. 7 weeks to go. Thats like tomorrow. I packed my hospital bag yesterday. Nappies and clothes and comfy underwear and baby wipes. The essentials. Lets just say G has no idea whats needed so this makes it easy. He can just grab the bag and go when its time. And in a week the crib and the pram arrives. Then we will be all set to go. Nothing can go wrong…hah!!

We had the landlord over yesterday to sign a new contract to the 16th of May. Its flexible if we change our minds but we are getting ready for the big move. Eeek! It will just have to work out, i cant worry about if my job decides to mess me around or not.

2020 – baby, new country and new jobs. We dont do things in halves my man and me.

Otherwise all is good. Baby is around 45cm and 2.5kg now. Its getting tight in there. Getting a couple of well aimed kicks to the ribs to remind me im alive. I remember sleep fondly. On the other hand, had time for my puzzle and breakfast this morning before walking W and then getting to work.

Hello there belly. There is no denying you now. Thats a happy 11.5kg extra im carrying around.

So far the cankles are not too bad and i havent started retaining fluid anywhere else. Pretty sure im not out of the woods yet though. My hips being good ol viking hips are widening to let that monster through.

But to be honest, i dont have it too bad. The breathlessness is the killer but i still manage to walk W for an hour without issues. And naps is my life blood at the moment.

George made the biggest bolognesi ever yesterday. That’ll feed us for the week.

And heres a picture form our bookclub on friday. Kattas last one :(. She and Jini celebrated with all the drinks.

Very telling. Shots and books. Classic. We all loved the book and the strong portraits of women in there. Can highly recommend.

But to be honest, this is more my life. My awesome puzzle calendar. One every two days. They are so cute and just perfectly sized to get done in an hour.

George and me spent the morning laying todays together. How the times have changed…

It’s Christmas

It’s early morning and I can’t sleep. The baby is kicking and George is snoring. So W and me are on the sofa in the wee hours of the morning.

Could be worse, we put our Christmas tree up yesterday and I’m bathed in golden light. Plus the flat smells of pine.

It’s a 2.5m monster this year. We asked for a smaller one but hey, last Christmas in London, let’s do this. And since I love my baubles I actually have enough for this huge tree taking up half our living room.

Katta came over to help us yesterday. She brought saffron buns and we lit the advent light. You can trust me to bring the Christmas spirit.

Of course her hairy godson should have some saffron bun as well.

But, the biggest hero was George dragging that thing home. I held like a branch.

Proud ladies making Christmas magic.

And done. Our tree is filled with meaning and memories since I buy baubles wherever I go and this means the most. The green one I bought last year as my hope of being pregnant this year and the little penguin family is us. Waiting for Lukas.

And Woolly of course.

Even the grinch got into the Christmas feeling.

Maybe because he got to start his day with his very own bespoke advent calendar.

Jellybean socks!! What else.

My own favourite is my puzzle calendar. So nice sitting by myself in the morning laying a puzzle when the rest of the family slept.

So yeah, my morning ain’t too bad. Who needs sleep anyway?

The tiredness

Sorry but there wont be a throwback this week. Im too lazy. I have energy for 1-2 things a day these days and today is getting the last couple of things for the baby on Black Friday as well as bookclub tonight. And thats me done.

Im always a pretty chill person who loves the sofa but this is ridicilous. I have zero energy. Yesterday it took all i had to walk W and organise the last couple of Christmas gifts and my weekend is booked out. Lunch tomorrow and packing hospital bag and Sunday its all about the christmas decorations.

I think its the combo of lack of sleep, extra weight and general pains and aches that just makes everything so much harder. It doesnt help that George’s job (and social life) means his out of the house a lot in the evenings and im so dead by then. Poor W hates me because there is just no more playing.

I remember thinking that the people that go on mat leave a month in advance is crazy but the be honest, i kind of see why. I would be bored to death but probably get everything that needs doing perfectly in time with 1 thing a day.

Anyways, tonight its all about snazzing up and going out. I need that.

W and the massive belly. He just doesnt get why i dont want to run after him all the time. Sorry lil buddy.

Au revoir Paris

My last trip to Paris is done and dusted. It was a struggle at the end, didnt realise just how tiring it would be with two back to back trips like that. Lesson learned.

But, now im home on the sofa with my hound and everything feels fine. We ended yesterday with rushing to our first antenatal class with NTC. It was very interesting. They are very focused on the holistic, the less medicine the better, approach but it was a lot of cool things i hadnt heard before. Plus, the main thing is to meet people in your area having kids around the same time.

We were 8 couples at one time playing with dolls. A bit surreal but overall good. We have another 5 sessions until we are ready to do this shit. Must admit im dreading the pretending to give birth and pushing part…

What im definitely NOT dreading is buying our christmas tree sunday.

Me, Ingrid and my little god daughter Vilma in the back. Cant wait for them to meet Lukas.

Yeah, im a pro painter at 8 in the morning!