I am IN.

After CC and Elin have racked up an impressive 55 entries since the start of this blog, I have finally taken my thumb out of my bum and intend to contribute with equal amounts of pointless but hopefully entertaining stuff and also (of course) deeply philosophical and intelligent prose.

I consider this first entry a bit like a date. You, the reader, are the person whom I have taken to dinner. I now need to impress you, make you like me, appear attractive, fun, clever and a devil at fishing/gymnastics/wrestling or whatever takes your fancy.
The problem is that even before the dinner has started, I have pulled out your chair and offered you to chose something from the winelist (daaamn don’t look so far DOWN in the menu, the prices always go up the further DOWN you go woman!!) I am starting to feel date nerves coming in. Perspiration starts pouring from my baby smooth armpits and I realise that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT. I desperately search my brain for interesting topics, but as it is Monday, there is absolutely NOTHING in there. I decide to get you drunk, because then you will find everything I say funny and interesting.
It’s a cheap one, but it does the trick. Another glass of chablis darling?

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