Good morning world!

After a night in my own lovely company pondering things like ‘how many shoes do I have to buy before I win over Elin’, ‘what do you wear to make sure to get invited to Tuscany’ and ‘how many guilty pleasure books are you allowed to read for every educational one’ I woke up this morning to a solitary morning walk. But it wasn’t solitary cause without even realising it me and Elin have made friends in the morning. The man with the 3 dogs said his cheerful hello and wondered why I was alone this morning and the little Milton dog looked forlorn and lonely when he couldnt find Elin.

And then I looked at the statistics for this little piece of paradise and saw that wow – we have readers scattering the globe.

I do realise that most of them probably, no, most definitely, were looking for something else but even though you are more than welcome.

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