Lucköppning – box opening

Summer in London. Warm weather and high flying spirits, think all of us were king of the world this weekend.

Friday was Italian Stallion night and Elin and me went to Anglesea Arms to meet up with Italian Alex. He turned out to be a well dressed gentleman in his 40’s sporting the same outfits as my dad. We had an epic night including pink wine, pink champagne, veal escalope, late night dancing at Brompton club and Elin in a swimsuit incarnating Madonna. We would have been safely booked for the Tuscany party of Bulgarian George hadnt fallen in love with (read -stalking) Elin and my phone hadnt sent Alex a text saying ‘kk kk’. I’m just glad he is not swedish…

Saturday me and Elin went up to Hyde Park and then on a mission to find Seb the perfect Bday gift. We nailed it!

But first we had a breakfast for champions

Hyde park


Love ice cream

Elin trying out different option for Sebs gift. Why not a hedgehog

But we decided on a balloon

And ate some more ice cream (yeah people, we do love to eat!)

After a great dinner at Big Easy with ribs, chicken, mussels, shrimps, beans, fries, calamari and fried cheese, some dancing at Raffles were we owned the club we met up at home for some more eating. On the menue – frozen egg and pickles

But, since we didnt feel we’ve had enough food this weekend me and Elin called our feeders and went up to East London on Sunday to be fed, pampered and stroked by the sweetest guys in London

We had a great day at very ugly london fields (yeah we sat were all the cool people sat)

The guys brought wine but no opener – it took a woman to solve the situation

The only thing a woman need is mascara

Ben playing it sexy and hoping for some lady to pass by but no luck except for some hungry dogs

A Todays Elin East style – you need a fashion bike to go with it

Tom made us Sunday roast (and yeah, we had a small glass of rose because its summer!)

In action

Perfect sunday night

Sometimes you just need that hug

The night ended true to the 21st century with some social online interaction

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