What do you do when you find yourself in the overly romantic city Bath on Valentines day? After spending an hour in a pool with strangers making out and a day walking the streets being ambushed by canoodeling (hm, wonder if this is a word or I just made it up. Canooeling, canodling (isnt that paddling a canoe?)) couples at every street corner we decided to have a little private moment

Waiting for the cab we did a ‘Christmas card to grandma’ pose

Oh wait – lets just look really well fed and slightly arrogant

Going for the ‘go out and hunt and holding our stomachs cause we are so pleased with ourselves in our burberry jackets’ look

Or why just not hide behind the sofa. Its not like the cab is coming, we have a date for Valentines or there is anywhere better to be than the hotel living room

But when the cab finally showed we ended up having a really great night eating tapas, drinking loads of sangria and swinging our umbrellas at the all the drunk students on the way home.

Great memories

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