We’ve had am 18 year old guy from Hudiksvall staying with us for a few days and it has alerted me to the complicated relationsship many of us have with age.
When I was 19 I moved to Stockholm and hung out with people who were generally 5 years older than me, often older. I was the young fresh one with a relatively uncynical outlook on life. I wanted to be older SO badly. Had I been older, people wouldn’t have assumed I was completely naive and dumb. Now that I am approaching my 28th birthday I have the unpleasant feeling that I am not completely happy about growing older. Something about the inevitableness of LOOKING OLDER.
And yes, laugh wrinkles are beautiful blablabla. But so is a fresh dewy face clear of wrinkles!

Hugh Hefner is one of the few people who has managed to fool the world that he is still young and cool, when in fact he is a saggy assed elderly guy wearing a red velvet bathrobe a bit too often. Way to go Heffie!

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