The weekend

Another Monday, another day to try and piece together the memories of the weekend.

As Kix already wrote we are all home early on Friday. Elin and me celebrated this decision by going to Westfields to catch a movie and eat everything we could think of.

We started with some tapas and rose

(after two glasses of rose we were a bit tipsy and thought it very funny to take loads of pics)
After a huge meal we went for everything on the movie menue – popcorns, ice cream and candy
Then Elin found herself a perfectly sized cash machine
And a new man
Look how happy that made her
After all of this craziness she was a bit tired on the way home
Saturday started with us going to the gym
When we came home we found the rest of the family in very weird shapes
But everything has an end and once i went out to lunch w Maggie i took my first glass of wine
And then it all went downhill from there
We did have a great day at Anglesea arms celebrating lovely Laura though. Everyone was there as they say
Especially the family
After this we went for Mexican dinner and except for this lovely pic of the Bday girl the camera was not with us. Good call for a night that ended with me and Elin working the pole in Raffles, Tompen trying to entertain 5 swedish 18 year olds, Ben doing a spontanoues move and come down and party w us in west while leaving all of his friends in east and me ending up after partying in East.

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