Summer bbqing

Yesterday Elin and me and later on London bound Bella was invited to my colleagues for a BBQ at their lovely roof terrace (well, invited might not be the correct word, lets just say I invited myself w entourage). This turned out to be a really nice pre summer night w amazing food (yep, we will steal Johan to our balcony), rose, ice creams, talks and promises of plastic angels that made Fredrik go a bit pale. A touch of great times to come this summer.


Manly man preparing the grill

Elin chillin’

Boys in well matching clothes and summer smiles

The great bbq teqnique ‘sittin’ (he’s going to be so cute on out balcony under a plastic tent for the rainy days)

Its pretty bloody amazing with Körv

Food for soldiers

Why move when you can just be ‘sittin’ owning the grill?

Thank you guys, we’ll be more than happy to return

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