The confused mind of a twentysomething verging on thirty

There is a fundamental difference between our (the mansion participants) generation and that of our parents. Its like we’ve reserved the right to stay teenagers until we are 30. My dad often shakes his head in disbelief at the wild and sometimes unstructured life we lead. Lots of parties, little consequence thinking. Freedom. The 70’s all over again. Who needs to think of tomorrow, it might not even come. I know he also finds it fascinating and is a tiny bit jealous. By the age of 24 he was in full-time work in a pretty boring job, lived in a flat with his long -term partner and was about to become a dad. Its like he skipped the fun bits, if you ask me. The mid-twenties is when our generation has chosen to implement a second teenage era. The difference? We have our own money, we get to make our own decisions without parental input, we are fully aware that soon, SOON, we will have to (and probably want to) chill down and think about pension saving, settled routines, calm nights in etc. But not quite yet. Because we do not have to. Nothing stops us from having FUN in the here and now. And with a world that is trembling and shivering in the wake of terror, war, starvation, violence and hatred, a bit of fun can be the most therapeutic thing there is. Whether its a spontaneous trip, a 24 hour party, dancing on tables, meeting up with strangers or singing at the top of your lungs.

BUT – all the meanwhile we are having FUN, we are aware of what the norm was 20 years ago, and that really, we SHOULD be thinking about pregnancies and saving accounts. Its difficult being pulled between these two worlds but I am really happy I have been able to stick to the prolonged teenage era. I believe I will be a happier mother as a result, and a more balanced adult. Norms are there for those who need them. The rest of us create our own realities. Thats freedom.

Oh god. Can you tell I have been thinking lots about this lately?! Even cool mansion inhabitants can be swept into the classic 30 year crisis!

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