Sun is shining through the window and I’m listening to french music thinking about all of lifes big questions. When i was younger I thought one of the saddest things with human life was that everyone was miserable all the time. There was just not enough happiness in the world and how could evolution make us in to people that had so fleeting feeling of true happiness and so many hours of feeling empty, grey and hollow.

This thought took up a lot of my time and I couldnt shake the feeling that something was wrong in the design of us.

A couple of weeks ago I had this discussion with someone and realise its not true any longer. I dont think we are miserable, I dont feel hollow. There are good and bad days but its a balance for growing and every time I look around at everything I got I fill with a sense of harmony. Most people I know seem happy, seem to have found their own base and that helps those around them that might not be truly there yet.

It’s a good thing realising that life is a amazing and even for people with greyness in them there comes a time when that is not the biggest part any longer, when you learn to appreciate the beauty you’ve got.

1 thought on “Pondering

  1. TACK <3
    To be, and to choose love….. always, is what life is all about!
    Jag säger inte att det är lätt, men en insikt som gör livet betydligt enklare än att tänka tvärtom, att se skönheten och meningen i allt. Att måla en vit tavla med vit färg, ger ingenting, det blir ingenting! Vi behöver färgen i våra olikheter, mörkret runtomkring oss för att kunna se och att välja kärleken. I den kraften finns så mycket fantastiska möjligheter, det gäller bara att se det! Tack för att DU ser, det gör mig också glad. ❤


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