Shadow heart

The people that leave imprints in your heart leave their shadow firmly stuck to your hearts walls. Even if you shut your heart down, distance it, the shadow is still there. It’s no making it fade away until enough time has passed and even then a tiny outline can always be traced.

The older you get the more shadows are stuck in your heart. Not a bad thing but sometimes it gets a bit over crowded – mingling with all the shadows of your loved ones you hold dearly are the ones you wish you could banish, the ones that still hurt if you happen to shine a light on them.

From time to time they make you feel over flowed with dark shadows of passed loves and missed oppurtunities. Make you so weary, an overpowering tiredness that make the heart shrink, keel over and beg for surrender.

With all those shadows stuck in your heart it’s hard making room for new ones. As with everything in life it’s sometimes badly needed with a detox – a shadow heart detox to give space for new bright light shadows.

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