The importance of never growing up

Heiken was in town and asked me to show him why i love london. I thought long and hard on that one. Should I show him the church yard (a bit morbid), the gigantic book stores, south bank, the markets, a late night live show somewhere, one of the small independent cinemas showing weird movies no ones heard about, soho, a musical or just stroll the streets of the city.

I took him to Notting Hill for bar hopping Portobello rd down. Thats kind of what we do. As Heiken said ‘why do we always have to drink when we meet?’ So now we’ve decided to visit the most boring town we could think off – Helsingfors – to have a sober weekend together and visit museums and churches and stuff. And we are taking the ferry over. Sober. Thats the true mark of a friendship thats built to last.

Before that however, me and Filippa are visiting him in Moscow. He has already started saving money to bail F out of jail and me from the Mafia. Thats is also the mark of true friendship.

When I looked at my phone this morning I had taken in total 2 photos from the night:

Heikens russian card that wasnt accepted anywhere. Your money is no good here as they say. Dinner ended being mixed china nuts. Thats what happens when you are a russian refugee.

I thought (a couple of glasses down the line) this looked just like us. We were a bit better dressed and slightly more drunk but otherwise spot on.

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