Heart breaking

Talking to my cousin Paola today and my heart is almost breaking. I miss my family so much. Everything about them. Mostly their never ending love for me and mine for them. It shapes who you are being surronded by people who regardless how who you grow up to be, the tough times you go through, loves you.

I had the best country house growing up where all my relatives on my mothers side spent every weekend and long sunny summers. My cousins and I were endlessly happy there. We laughed, fought, shared our secrets and more than anything, grew together to be a true family. When I think of the people that have always been there for me my family are really the true ones. I know I can call my parents, my siblings or my cousins any time and through all that we have shared they will be there for me, no questions asked.

I miss them today. I miss the late nights cheese eating, the excellent movies we made, the dressing up in grand ma’s old dresses, the running around the forest, the Magnus Uggla marathons, the stable work, playing in the hay stacks (which we were so not allowed to do, wonder what our parents thought we were up to when we came home covered in hay) the endless hours of talking about nothing, but more than anything, i miss them.

Our house

Dad enjoying the sun when I was home in June.

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