An update on whats going on in my life right now apart from seeing burly men reading chic lit and dodging going out with my bro.

* Me and Elin are apartment hunting with a so so result. We’ve fallen in love with one but its one of these impossible loves that leave us bleeding on the floor when reaslising that the happy future we built together wont last. Dreams of mornings in the sun laughing at out terrace and late night wine drinking sharing secrets below our big windows are being crushed. Instead we’ve realised we might end up in Fritzls cellar. With Fritzl.

* I’m spending my weekdays watching Pretty Little Liars. It make me want to be 16 again, fool around with the teacher and be involved in a murder. Or not.

* Thinking on how to avoid a toga from falling down

* Eating an unhealthy amount of tomatoes. I love tomatoes. If we get to move in to a flat that is not a cellar i’m going to grow tomatoes. So I can eat it every day.

* Having the yearly ‘what am i to do with my life’ chat with myself. Right now im telling myself to get some hobbies – maybe try out exotic cooking or pot painting. Add that extra quality to life. It wont happen but you can always try talk your lower self into it.

* Realising my brain is already on vacation and secretly feeling happy about the fact that everyone elses at works seems to have done the same

* In general feeling pretty f**king great about life

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