Not at all my own living room

I lost my phone Friday. Or it got stolen. Basically i thought i was in my own living room and left my bag in a sofa. Unfortunately i wasnt in my own living room.

This means two things to the readers of this blog:

* Mum and Dad – this is the reason i haven’t called ot picked up you are trying to reach me. I’m not dodging you for any particular reason. And yes, the week have been good, the run went well, the leg is healing and im in a general good mood.

* No picture unless we can convince elin to upload them or send
me an email with the photos.

You know I have a weakness for you CC…. dock inte lika bloggfokuserat foto intresse/Elin
Middag for 4… Japp detta slukades av 4 hungriga individer igar..
Jag och mina kollegor, innan alla hamnade i jacuzzin…
Den fantastiska inflyttningspresenten vi fick av Tom. Den kommer underlatta trotta mornar och forgylla festen med espresso martinis!
(ar det godkannt cc?)

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