Wednesday. Listening to Melissa Horns new album ‘Before i knew you’ with titles like ‘It feels even worse now’, ‘Destructive blues’ and ‘I miss you less and less’ and eat salty liqourice.

Thinking of fall, rain and what to do on friday. Love the new flat and feel in sync with the cold on my morning walks. Miss certain people, friends and family but is secretly very happy about sitting at home doing nothing.

I really look forward to December and Christmas. This year I will ice skate. And drink mulled wine in the cold. Hope there will be some snow and that I get to wear my fur. I want to bake ginger bread and saffron buns. Elin and O are having a ginger bread house competition. Me and Tom will drink mulled wine. And listen to cheesy christmas songs. It’s pure happiness.

Before that I will kick leaf, enjoy feeling the autumn blues, wonder where my life is taking me, enjoy where my life is taking me and long for Christmas.

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