O asked me if I want to accompany him to a fashion party for the London fashion week tomorrow. The thought of standing around looking pretty while he works the room is not that appealing. I’m no good at being pretty and interesting from a far.

So I asked him if he is attending the same party as Tom which means I could bring Elin.

‘What party is it? Tom had something he should be attending as well and me and Elin were hoping we could be fashion together (that means matching outfits, killer heels, head held high, looking down on people and talk back in Swedish. Then get slightly drunk and become friends with everyone while complementing their outfits saying things like ‘love your Wang, so last season (while we clearly have no idea what they are wearing) and finally try and steal some artifact from the bar (last time I came home with a muddle spoon from Shoreditch house)’

Elins instant reaction wasOh no you scared him’. I’m thinking he should know what he gets.

Truth to be told, there is a much greater chance of the scenario I sent to him than me standing around chatting amiably to cool fashion people.

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