Goodnight London

Elin is still at work and im all alone at home munching away at our decoration candy just now realising i cant work from home tomorrow since im waiting for mr internet man and i cant work without internet. Such a happy catch 22 – unexpected day off. Good thing i have so many left to take.
All this excitment have got me all tired so off to the lord/dwarf bed.

Fish cheeks, pork bellies and an exhausted englishman

Oliver was back from Rome yesterday and the poor guy was a broken version of himself (that extremely tired, slept 4 hours a night, might be the most accurate version of him though given how much he works all the time. Not even parties, which is usually my excuse for sleeping 4 hours a night, but solely work) but he managed to drag his tired body out for dinner and we had a really nice time at the local pub eating monkfish cheeks (I might have misunderstood that, do fish have cheeks?), cod and pork belly (belly, really? It is good but it’s still belly).

Once back at his place miracles do happen and we were in bed before 12. But before that Oliver and Tristan had time to laugh at (it’s a thin line to making fun of) my swedishness, or swedes in general. For some reason they thought putting feathers on sticks for Easter was weird, they felt bad for everyone at Boujis having to listen to Swedish music (maybe they just felt bad for everyone being at Boujis period) and spoke to me in gibberish (aka Swedish by an Englishman).

They are so just jealous!

How can this ever be weird??

How to (not) spend money

Did an Elin and went out and did some shopping over lunch. We are both supposed to live cheap this month given the move and IKEA and well, general life style we have. Somehow we suck at saving money (mum, i know that makes you cry) and shopping is so not part of the plan.

I know I should return it but everything was so pretty. I’ll use Elins excuse from last week ‘i fell in love’. Honestly I might not have fallen in love but I’m definitely smitten, especially in my orange skirt. It makes me look interesting and less like a wannabe biker babe.

I think it have to stay.

Living with Martin Timell

I am incredibly happy about my blogger app, I can blog everywhere now. Only problem is the pictures. WTF!? Why do they get all ‘squary’ from getting uploaded in the app. That’s weird. But in all fairness, they are not the best pictures to start with so it might not be the end of the world.

Otherwise Monday. Took a walk along the river (that’s not true, took a walk in the city looking for the river but directions challenged me couldn’t find it) with Kix yesterday and talked about everything. Missed her. When we had exhausted our capacity for talking I came home to Martin Timell who had drilled, hammered and swore her room into obeying her need for storage. Grudgingly (I become surly and lazy, like a bitchy teenager, when I have to help build stuff) I helped her get the room in order and then watched pushing daisies.

Slept like a baby in my lord/dwarf bed.

Cupcakes and shots

After the ikea craziness yesterday elin and me cleaned up ok (elin was absolutely gorgeous looking like draculas bride in a flowing dress) and went to danis.

After a few (well) drinks boujis was on the list. We had so much fun dancing elin got told she danced too hard by the bouncer… That didnt stop us and as usual we thought we owned the place.

Coming home i was moved to tears by elins thoughtfulness buying cupcakes on the way home from boujis and i took a big bite. I should have understood something was fishy when it wasnt a kebab. This morning she told me she found it in a garbage bin on the way home.

Now ikea delivery. Martin timell needs all her skills for this one…

Finally done and on the tube one hefty ikea bill and the disappointment of meat balls without mash later.

In a couple of hours boujis. That feels far, far away. The thought of changing swedish top quality furniture for champagne and dance club owning is hard to wrap your head around but its a job and someone has got to do it.