The day before the big day

Pre cinnamon baking day went swimmingly. I invited Oliver over for eating and enjoying Swedish bakery taking place but Elin had other plans for him…

First he had to move all the dough into another pot (slimy business)

I wouldn’t really call him an expert at this, look at the mess he made. On the other hand, this is what it always look like when he cooks. 

The she made him kneed the dough, roll the dough and well, do everything that made you remotely dirty with the dough.

When it was time for the unhealthy stuff Elin was all over it.

E – ‘Oliver, fold it really quick’

O – ‘Why do you say, fold it really quick and then do it really slowly?’

E – ‘Don’t question my baking skills’

More sugar, more butter and more of everything is the Rislöw way of baking

‘Hm, I’m not sure I approve, do all the dirty business for me but make sure you do it my way’

Tying buns onto knots is harder than it looks. Especially when I try my hands at it.

But the end result was delicious.

You might wonder what I was doing in all this? Well, photographing, eating and coming with little encouraging bursts of laughter when something went wrong of course.

1 thought on “The day before the big day

  1. Å vad härligt att se. Ni är så pyssliga, underbart att ni fick hjälp också, :)inte alla oliver som kan baka. Kan känna kameldoften ända hit 🙂 Önskar att jag fått en liten kamelbulle idag! Hoppas NI fick många.


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