Stuck in everyday life

I didn’t do anything yesterday. I was supposed to go the gym but I was too lazy. I went home, cooked bolognese (as I do at least once a week), read a book and watched a chic flick before turning out the light at the sensible time 11 and quickly falling asleep.

I didn’t see anything interesting on the way home. Didn’t go shopping, didn’t talk to anyone, didn’t dream anything I can remember, didn’t think any profound thoughts or saw something that awed me.
This morning i woke up, went out, walked, came home and had yogurt (like every morning) before waiting for the tube. Now in front of the computer making the world love gambling. 

1 thought on “Stuck in everyday life

  1. Våga göra ingenting och våga dansa DIN och ingen annans dans! ❤ Tjolahopptjolahej till världens bästaste scheeeej 😀 Å för Guds skull var INTE rädd!


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