A pretty nice monster after all

This blog/diary/open letter to my dad and anyone else remotely interested in my life has, in the words of Alex Schulman, become a Monster. Not in any way connected to him (it made him into a horrible person trying to get reactions out of the 1000’s who read him. I’m read by 10 and well, cant say I’m that interested in getting reactions since my blog is completely devoid of commenting on anything outside my own life.) but because it shines the light on how uninteresting life turn in fall.

I comment, show pictures and tell about every day life. When nothing really happens it becomes very clear. Yesterday wasn’t boring, just blah… Tom and me went to the gym. Not together mind you, he weight lifted and flexed muscles next to all the big guys, I ran and tried to get my body back into shape. Then we went home for dinner that Elin cooked us and then bed.

Ok, admittedly, it could be way worse. My life is pretty awesome. Soon it’s Christmas. And my sister and mum come to London. And Oliver promised to make sure I get candy apples for Guy Fawkes this weekend. And I will have 3 weeks in Sweden.

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