All my friends are superheroes

Started to read the book ‘all my friends are superheroes’ by Kaufman. So far so good. The superheroes all have ‘normal’ powers like being a perfectionist, thinking of everything as ‘someday’ so you shrink away or watching so much TV you start crying little mini tv’s (love that).

It reminds me that actually, all my friends are superheroes as well. We’ve had this discussion¬† many times. One of Chrisse’s talents is to spot dark alleys were people could be mugged, Maggie’s is to always look pretty no matter the outfit, Filippa’s to get the party started and Sanna’s to walk in high heels on ice.

Mine are not so glamorous. I have two. One is two always spell correctly no matter how drunk I am and the other one is to take people’s hang overs. (Mine is always worse making them feel better about themselves.)

In the end of the day everyone is a superhero in some way.

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