Memories as they come and go


I have got the best screen saver in the world. It eats battery but its so pretty. And that is the most important!

Yesterday I had dinner with Hamas* who just moved here. It was nice and reminded me about being new in London. Crazy enough I’ve been here for almost 2 years now. It’s been two amazing years. Hopefully next year will be as great as the previous ones minus the drama. Really crossing my fingers for minus the drama. 

*(Hamas = at University there was a girl who always called him ‘Han Mats’ and that became Hamas. Imagine her happiness/surprise when she one day came bouncing in to my room saying ‘They are talking about Hamas on TV’. She never understood the fun in calling him Hamas until that day)

If I hold my breath and close my eyes before I know it I will be there

Only 4 more days until I land in Sweden and get picked up by mum and dad. Dad called me today and asked if I wanted food when I got home. Oh yes! I’ve been waiting for mums home cooked way to long now. And her amazing Christmas ham.

I really, really long to be home now. I feel like the John Lewis commercial, I wait and I wait to see everyone I love to give them their Christmas gifts and spend time with them. I’m simultaneously emptied of energy and overflowed with love.

I’ll long for the easiness of family. Of baby hugs. Of being somewhere were everything feels so easy.


Those were the days

We went to the Lucia concert in St Pauls on Friday. Unfortunately you weren’t allowed to take any pictures but it was breathtakingly beautiful. I cried.

After dinner we went to a japanese restaurant in Soho with foot kneeded noodles (like thats a good thing). Very authentic.

Elin desperately wanted to melt in and took her shoes off. The horror!

Elin and me had cold (!) udon noodles which were delicious and oliver had fish liver soup which slightly less so. Reminded me of childhood morning drinking tran. Not a good memory.

Pretty blond Elin next to oliver’s Emil hat. Very non japanese.

Faffing around on lazy Sundays

After all the commotion around the big ginger bread house bake off Oliver and me took a quiet day on the Sunday. Olivers plan of hitting Richmond Park at 7 in the morning ‘to catch the morning light’ was undermined by me. I faffed. That’s usually Oliver’s thing but I decided that Sunday was my faffing day.

Even though my faffing we had time to see the Grayson Perry exhibition at Tate Britain. Loved it but whats not to love about a man building the exhibition around the god of his imaginary world – Alan Measles, a teddy bear, and making pots in is honor?

Then we went for tea with sweeties and then pizza.

The big ginger bread house bake off

Saturday morning came with the promised smell of saffron buns and ginger breads. It was time for the great ginger bread house bake off.

Before Oliver came back from working Tom, Elin and me dressed up in the appropriate Christmas gear and made some saffron buns.

As soon as Oliver came Elin and him were dead to the world. They had a goal and fully set to accomplish it. Make the best ginger bread houses ever.

Hours were spent planning, drawing, measuring and discussing.

Dont think this wasnt taken seriously…

Meanwhile Tome and me did each others hair and giggled.

Once the plan was set the actual work was done. Carving, making window glass out of caramel and team work.

Tom and me laid the impossible puzzle

And watched shrek

Bits and pieces of the fairy tale land saw the light of day. First out was Hans and Gretas house

My addition was all the fairytale figures (or as Kix said, ‘looks like a retarded kid made those’). Its a troll in red waist coat, little red riding hood and hans and greta (as you can see).

While Oliver and Elin had to work on their team work skills

Tadaa! The fairytale land was finally ready (after about 12 hours) hand and gretas house, rapunzels tower, the ice castle

And a drunken ginger bread man accompanied by a squirrel (why Tom do you always have to bring in booze to it?)

Before bed time way past midnight Elin made the decorations on the ginger bread house. Then the icing ran out. To be continued…

Eastern boys and west end girls

I met Ben up East yesterday. After walking through the pouring rain he took my to a dark, garbage smelly alley and to this really cool exhibition in a damp, cold and old second world war bunker.

In there was a world of it own by Anomalous visuals with dark rooms filled with lights, sounds, shapes and soap bubbles.

My favourites (except for the soap bubbles, but you are so not allowed to squeal ‘soap bubbles’ when someone ask for your favourite and you are working in marketing and not art) was the room with a squared of chains on which the light shapes of dancers projecting on the wall could be seen (wow, I’m so not making it justice) and the video game which took you through an old mental institution chasing for nothing.

It was really cool but after a while neither me nor Ben could speak since our entire bodies frozen to ice so we left for a warm cozy pub, beers and burgers and had a couple of hours of life altering, heart wrenching, through your bones chat.

(but i did love the soap bubbles the most)