The birthday dream that never ended

My day ended as amazing as it started. After work and a bit of a faff in the tube trying to escort 4 balloons in rush hour I got back to the flat for some wine and cheese and then dinner at the pub.

I got some more cakes. All in all 5 cakes in a day, must be some record for me. 

All my friends were there (yes, I know, the pictures are not very good. I went on to take pictures on Olivers camera after this. They weren’t very good either. I blame the photographer)

The cake wonder! Only me, Tompa and Oliver liked it. But I really, really liked it. It was good but mostly for the taste of love. Elin actually made my weird fantasy cake come true. That IS love.

Oliver gave me a beautiful bracelet. It’s so me. But also so him (its a kind of twist opening mechanism that only he can operate. So to use it I need him. Smart man) and that makes it even better. He also gave me a framed picture from when he was in Sweden. It’s like a little piece of home. 

Miranda gave me this awesome picture. I mean for real. She painted a picture with vampire teeth and 80’s peach. It’s also so me! And contrary to what she said I am so allowed to love it. 

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