Miss you

There was a gift in my mail yesterday. A picture from Filippa on the two of us a late night on a roof top in NY. We have stolen the boy who lived there hats (we felt kind of super cool) and were up there all night completely living the moment of the fact that we were in NY with our best friends. One of those movie moments.

That’s why I love my girls from back home. They share my passion for living life. For traveling, meeting new people, experience. Nothing is too weird, no situation is too dangerous. You always land on your feet with a story to tell.

I miss them, my NY girls. I miss Filippa’s way of challenging me, making me grow by questioning me with fierce loyalty. I miss talking about life and love with Sanna and then go out and dance all through the night. I miss Maggie’s sweetness and care and all her ideas.

And all the fun we’ve had. More than anything I think about laughing with these girls. Doing silly, crazy, fun things making new memories.

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