We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun

You know that feeling after a great weekend. I know all about that today. That and freezing. This was a weekend of freezing. Ans fun.

Filippa was here and we were off Friday walking the streets of Notting Hill and drinking wine in Hyde park. Skirt and top. Lovely until it got cold. Then f-king freezing. Good thing we decided to have a dinner that was one big pot of steam. Cant blame us for being stupid at least.

Saturday brought Brick Lane, shopping, Rose drinking with Tomlins and Ben and Candice and indian. And more freezing. I bought a new military jacket, didnt really help for the 5 degrees. Filippa was better off with her fur.

On Sunday we walked for hours along the Thames and ate granola. 

My 12 year old boyfriend. 

 Mongolian barbeque. Good shit. Messy though. Eating like a school kid

 The face…

Candice winning pose ‘All blow’.

 Girl playing on a merry go round

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