Behind every sucessful man there is a woman

I went to see Hunger Games yesterday. I really liked it. Was pleasantly surprised. Expected more twilight but this was actually semi quality. When I was booking my ticket the man in the cashier looked at me and said ‘two i presume’ I was like ‘erh, no, just me’.

After movie Oliver and me had a night in watching Californication and working on Oliver’s second career, picking up the modeling again. There was some job and he needed a picture. Desperation had no choice and I had to act photographer.

With my spooky ability of making Oliver look absolutely horrendous in pictures it took about 30 min of giggling (on my part) and heavy sighs of something i heard as ‘you are doing great honey’, but rather was ‘oh my god KILL ME NOW’ (on Oliver’s part).

The end result turned out ok but that’s only because even my super powers couldn’t mess his pretty face up completely. Not sure he wants me on his side in his future career though.

After this ego boost on Oliver’s side I was happy I got asked for my phone number on the street this morning. And not by the old crazy man telling me i look pretty every morning but by an actual normal man. Win!

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