Stepping out of the comfort zone

Im tired today. We went dubstepping yesterday. Or grime:ing. Or whatever the music was. It was lots of young people (An upset Lisen came to me and said ‘Everyone is so YOUNG in here’. I was like ‘honey, you are 11 years younger than me’), lots of afros and some busting moves (not ours to be honest).

The drinks were cheap (and tasted like something you mix at home. The old ‘two component rule’* didn’t fly here) and the place looked like someone’s basement. I witnessed a girl fight between the toilet lady and two girls and I haven’t seen so many see through outfits and full on gangsta gear in like ever.


 Vogue – an overall dance move that works like always

 The live band. They had afro’s. Enough said.

 Oliver being useful and realizing that the shit quality of Lisens photos is due to flair (it’s always the flair)

 Dubbing? Grinding? Grimeing?


 Lisen and the men in the funny coloured shirts. They were awesome. I wanted to take them with me home and keep them in the closet.

*A friend of Sanna’s and mine always used to say that it aint a proper drink unless it has more than two components

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