London I do love you

On my way from Malta I realize how much London have really become my home. I do have two homes, I still talk about Stockholm as home as well, but London is where I live and where my heart lies.

Leaving the flat on a weekend heading for the cemetery, Hyde park or Notting hill give me a sense of belonging to something I have chosen my self. Being in London is a choice I make again and again and every time I think on whether I should move back or not I realize that London is where I should be right now.

London with it’s beautiful houses, cramped tube filled with people, pubs, music flowing the streets, best ice cream at Gelato Mio, every cuisine you can think of, cheap night at the Gate, night clubs open til 10 in the morning, squirrels in every park and a bed in a house with a man I love.

That is the city I belong in and even if it breaks my heart not going back to Stockholm I am exactly where I should be at this exact moment.

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