Like a princess (or someone from a 90’s soap opera)

Went to the hairdresser today. When i told her i havent cut my hair in a year she blanched. Then it was only praise. She told me that for not being cut in a year its amazing ans keep doing what i do. I dont need to colour it since the colour is perfect for me and I dont even need to buy expensive products cause what im doing is working.

She must be the worst sales person in the world…

 Princess hair. As you get when you go to the hairdresser.

My new skirt from asos. Thought i’d threw that in there when we are on the vanity thing.

Kiss away the pain with ice cream

Elin and me went to dinner yesterday. Bruschetta and sausage pasta at Jamie’s Italian. Like always we went for the same food. That’s how we roll. The food was really nice and we ended up sitting talking for hours. Finally we realized that the staff oogling us wasn’t because we looked awesome but rather since they wanted us out. Fine.

Leaving the place Oliver met up and him and me went for a snog before heading home to sofa, chillin and talk about the big and the small things in life.

 The goodie table at Snog. We (that means me) wanted it all

 but ended up with the healthy option

I tried to be artistic with my mermaid nails.

I paint the world in a thousand colours

I tried hard yesterday to make the world the place I know it is. I put on 80’s clothes (that always make me feel like i live in a movie), I went to the gym and did some running and I cooked Oliver and me a salad sitting on the balcony enjoying the pre summer night.

I then painted my nails in green metallic and played at being a hand model. With varied success. The world went by slowly outside and I put another day to sleep. As Kix wrote this morning – ‘today is a new day’

Things that make me cry

being here when all of you are there
saying good bye to the flat 
the smell of flowers 
watching glee
pictures of summer in Sweden
realizing i don’t have a home 
feeling adrift not knowing where I’ll end up
being so far away from my family
the text in the last blog entrance
finding it hard to smile
London at night
the look in your eyes when you cant help me
not being able to be hugged
songs of loneliness

waking up thinking this will be day it changes and then going to bed wishing the same again

A city in full bloom knocking me senseless

I saw the movie Moonrise Kingdom with Oliver and Miranda yesterday. It was sweet and Wes Anderson quirky. Traditionally we went to the japanese afterwards and indulged in food. Almost ashamed of saying this but when over eaten on food it’s almost a tiny bit too hot outside for me. I love it though, I dont have to freeze any longer.

Me and Oliver were planning on going to Scotland for the bank holiday coming up but we were to late so we’ll probably end up roaming the streets of London. I think it will be nice, easy and fun so not too bad after all.