Happy bang bang

Another bank holiday. The polar opposite of last years sun and wine drenched days. It was cold and miserable with the temperature never reaching more than a shivering 13. I kept away from alcohol and took it very easy except for helping Oliver assisting on Sunday.

It was exactly what i needed though and I feel rested and happy to take on spring (if it ever comes, think the world decided to skip spring this year and go straight to summer. Hopefully. Would be a bitch if it skipped summer as well)

 On saturday we went to the pub for food…

and some photo shoot planning. Oliver’s showed off his amazing drawing skills. Thats boy has got the wrong profession.

 I ate. And gave little encouraging hums in between bites.

 After this productive lunch we went to Sumerset House.

Oliver went straight for the ‘I’m so arty’ pose and looked at these japanese paintings like they were holding the answers to all life’s questions. 

Dad, this is the free masons house in London. Thought about you. Men in black tie sitting around a table getting drunk…

After all of this walking and drama (I spent an hour in a book shop, that was drama, I had to run through to not pick up everything i saw) we made food.

Salmon, asparagus and sauce verde. Something for you baby bro in your lchf

On Sunday I went up at 8 (i AM like the best girlfriend in the world) to help oliver on a photo shoot

Miranda made muffins, that kept me going through the day

The cutest little boys made up as clowns. I felt like an old lady. Rocas (on the picture) were in his alst year of school and his biggest dream was to move to Norway. I looked at him with a motherly smile and told him some useful things about life. For that I got a hug when he left. Aaawww

It was freeking hot. Oliver banged on with the light to the point were the make up started melting. I loved it. First time in a year ive been properly sweating.

On Monday we went to Holland Park. It was mums birthday and all of the rhododendron was blooming for her.

Oliver ran straight to the play area and then i didnt see him for the rest of the day

It was lovely out and i got a hint of the spring that is actually out there. After all of this we ate pizza. Pretty good for a non alcoholic bank holiday weekend.

Now booked Ibiza as a treat, need to celebrate being so good so what better than a full on Ibiza blow out.

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