Tuesday is dog day

Oliver is in NY and I needed to move back into my flat that’s been sadly neglected for the weekend. I watched Glee, ate pineapple and walked around stroking my white sofas loving them even more after a couple of days with the horrible blue ones at oliver’s (sorry horrible blue sofas).

First I went to Kix and Robins for dinner, sausage and potatoes – kids food. Me and Zigster had a couple of moments and I’ve slowly come to terms with that I’m not as indifferent to cute cuddly dachshunds as I thought I was.

 Ziggy is being taught ‘sit’. He is a master at it.

 Not as much at sitting still and cuddle when he just wants to RUN AROUND! he is such a little kid loving to run like a maniac

 I got him to pose for the camera. The trick is to play with him until he gets so tired he can do nothing but sit.

 Zig, the monster dog. Here owning the toy me and Laxen gave him.

 Chillin and relalalaxing

Kids food!

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