If I close my eyes I can pretend its sun on my face

 On Friday we celebrated Norway with sausage

 and cake. Always knew I loved Norway!

 In the evening I went out for a glass of wine with some golden oldies. The boys were massively impressed w the Zig.

 The Zig chilled like he normally do

 People were happy and there was lots of hugs all around (might have to do with the wine people had drunk)

I stole Zig and posed with him. he is the best accessory ever

 On Saturday we went to highgate woods and walked around (and ate, what do you take us for)

 It was beautiful, magical and enchanted.

 A man and a dog. Tompa slightly destroyed the magical feeling with his hight tech tights.

On Sunday evening I made chocolate balls and stole flowers from the cemetery.

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