Lilacs, pizza and the smell of summer

The lovely weather in London continues and yesterday it was 25 degrees. Oliver and me hit the streets and went for pizza while all the way over there enjoying the weather (that means me looking longingly at all the drinkers and Oliver stopping every five minutes to take a photo)

Me, I like to take photos of Oliver taking photos. Meta photography

Occasionally I take some myself. I call this ‘boat on the river’

And this is the famous ‘ducks sitting on hedge chillin’

‘Bridge in London with kind of crappy light’

Once i saw Olivers photos I realized this is not my true calling. So i went back to take pictures of him again.

Then I stole a lilac. It smelled of summer at the country house. And mum. Mum, to me you smell of lilacs, or maybe lilacs smell like you. Anyway, I thought of you.

This morning I woke up by myself at 6.30 in the morning and went out for a morning walk. Saw Salikon (the rose bush from ‘Allra käraste syster’). I missed my sister. I looked for her but she wasnt hiding under the bush. I guess i just have to go home if I want to see her.

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