Win win to me!

I’m talking to Lisen about her date tonight. I love it. To be 19 and having London at your feet. 

(I sucked at being 19, when I was 19 Steffi and me went through our rock and roll, smoke in bed, skip dinner, live on sweet and being out party 4 times a week period. She was depressed, I was depressed and between the two of us there was a lot of drunken ‘my life sucks’ and weird men)

Anyway, Lisens date, I just gave her some clothes advice. She is going to be stunning. She IS stunning and with a glam summer look she’ll have that guy eating out of her hand (he is an older too cool for school guy but he’ll still eat out of her hand).

I love having younger gorgeous amazing people to send out into London to do all the things I’m not that interested in any longer and then I can be invited to the occasional cool party somewhere, doll up and still get to dance the night away. They do all the socializing, I reap the fruits of their hard worked of being wined and dined all over London.

Another one of those wins. 

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