A rainy jubilee weekend in pictures

 Friday night Oliver and me went for sushi at the fancy sushi place (everything in Kensington is just that bit more fancy)

 Grumpy sushi man. The food was excellent though

 Saturday morning we went straight out for food again (there is just something about Oliver and food…) to a cute little french place. Crepes

 and amazing bakeries.

 We took a stroll in Hyde Park and looked at the flowers (the old lady in me loves it)

 The new serpentine pavilion

 I tried to caught Oliver in a picture, impossible, that man is glued to his camera

 or his phone (sorry babe, but these are the only pictures I have of you)

 We went shopping for Oliver. I took executive decisions and went all in swedish style

 More food…. Then we went to a high school themed party. For some reason the music was very much like my early twenties… High school for some, university for others

 Sunday we went down to the river to see the Queen. It rained and you couldnt see a thing except for all those jubilee dressed english people

 Good thinking

 Behold the Queen on all her glory (it is the little white dot)

 Soaked with rain and properly awed by her royalness we went up to East for dancing, drinking and laughing with Ed, Nat and their friends.

 Finally warm and dried up we decided to go to a rooftop cinema club to see Ghostbusters. In the rain. In 13 degrees. It was cold and wet and I drunk loads of pimms to survive

 Ed looked royal.

 I didnt want to be worse so on Monday i dressed up in my best royal get up (note the white, red and blue) and went to a garden (not so much, we all had to be inside) party at Olivers friend Laurens.

 I brought my crack head boyfriend (not even his mum recognized him in this picture). Look at hos pretty the street is, looked like this all over london for the weekend. Too bad the weather was so shit none of these street parties actually happened.

 Tuesday we were all partied out so we went to Olivers mums house in Richmond. I hung out with Tilly

 and took pretty pictures of the garden

 A man and a dog (yes, that is a dog)

 Moroccan food

and english cakes.

After lunch I helped Olivers mum with her web page and modeled her jewellery. My ear had its 15 minutes of fame. We ended the night with Prometheus and japanese.

Tired today.

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