Candy floss pink skies and the smell of flowers

We went out for a walk after dinner, the rain had stopped for a minute and it was beautiful out. Early summer twilight. Even if it cant compete with the never ending swedish summer nights it still gave that feeling of silent awe at how amazing those long, light evenings are.

The man with his camera. Always.

I was to borrow and try out Olivers camera but he couldn’t part with it so I had to do with my little phone.

Smelling and taking photos at the same time.

Ducks hanging out (they are there, just tiny)

If you cant use the camera take photos of the photos taken by the camera. That way you can claim the fame(that camera looks like a toy in Oliver’s hands).

Even if I’m not that keen living on a boat you cant help but getting slightly jealous seeing this.

Candy floss skies. I wanted to lick it. (no, I didnt try even if I really, really wanted to)

Cool british house. Still bunting left in the city and it do look pretty. Thought of you Dad. I could see you sit in there in a big chair reading a book in your silk robe and slippers.

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