Every morning we woke up, looked at eachother and said ‘why’ with smiles in our tired eyes

Maggie is coming to London today. My little teaspoon. I havent seen her in what feel like ages. Im grinning from ear to ear. My partner in crime for the craziest years of my life, the one I have sat on the sofa and cried with as well as danced like there is tomorrow.

We’ve traveled the world together, we’ve sailed the west coast of Sweden as well as Croatia in a boat full of girls, we’ve thrown numerous of parties, we’ve drunk endless cups of chai latte at the cafe’s of Stockholm.

We’ve talked, we’ve laughed, we’ve hugged each other when life is tough and we’ve done all for a friendship that is strong enough to last through everything.

Maggie and me at one of the Mazeret summer parties.

I bought flowers and cleaned the flat. All set up for a fabulous weekend.

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