Wine and talk, not so much sleep and old friends

Maggie in London. Wonderful weekend. On Friday Oliver cooked risotto when Maggie and me talked, and talked and talked. We drank some wine also but mainly just talked. Early to bed and then ready for Saturday.

Slow morning getting ready eating a long breakfast and some more talking.

I promised Maggie to not let her buy anything but shoes. That went so so. At least we did buy shoes (among other things). Here changing on the street. Important to look fab.

You do need bubbly w shopping

Bubbly and shoes, every girls dream.

Maggie got to meet Ziggy. Fell in love. As you do.

The boys watched football while we marinated ourselves in more wine. Kix said it was good for Maggies strained neck. We believed her. She is going to be a doctor after all.

After pub there is Bluebird. More wine, more girl talk.

Sara and Maggie had friends in common…

To be 19 and live on bananas…

We met a new friend. Kix tried to be funny and did the ‘can you take of your clothes’ when he asked if we wanted anything more. Leopard tights warning on that one.

I came home at 5.30 waking Oliver up wanting to talk after drinking way to much coffee.

Sunday wad tired. Breakfast at Balans, sending Mags off, dinner with oliver and then Men in Black. Looking forward to a week of healthy food and sleep now. It’s raining again.

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