Ham capes and priest collars

Friday! The sun is shining and we will watch Sweden try not to get beaten by England tonight. It’s a win win situation. If we win it’s amazing, if England wins the whole city will be dancing in the streets and if there is one thing the Londoners are good at it’s that street party thing.

I went out for a walk this morning. Went to bed early when Oliver and his sister was up partying east and jumped out of bed this morning. I kept giving myself mental high fives all through my walk.

 Prästkragar was blooming all over the cemetery.

 For my grave I also want a bed of pink flowers.

A pigeon with a cape made of ham. I wonder if he deliberately saved his food for worse days. How did it end up there is my next question. Did someone throw it at him or did ham fall from the sky?

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