Road cones, champagne tastings and back on the pole

Tired today, it was a long but fun weekend. On Friday I met up with Oliver, Miranda and Tristanfor dinner and then we went to see the game with Pettan and his norwegian gang at Walmer Castle.

We lost. Fuck.

The guys were gutted but kept the spirit up all through the game

The place was packed. Only good thing about loosing is that the boys didnt get their asses kicked.

In the morning my amazing boyfriend brought me breakfast in bed and we went out on the town to see an exhibition and spent a day together. In the evening I went to meet up with my colleagues for champagne tasting…

…it ended at 6 o clock drinking wine and talking at my place (why is always someone stealing a road gone?)

First some (a lot) drinks at raffles to say goodbye to Tompa who is on his way back to Sweden again.

In the morning we felt like shit (this picture dont really make it justice)

after hours on the balcony talking about all those important things in life

ha, this captures exactly how we felt. I spent the day in bed before meeting oliver and Miranda for the movie ‘A royal affair’ and pizza.

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