Pasta making and the smell of mushrooms boiling

The quest for the hardest home made food ever continues. Yesterday it was time to try out Oliver’s new pasta machine. It only took about 3 hours to produce something that in the end wasnt edible. Better luck next time. It was fun on the way (well, for the first 10 times through the machine, then it turned a bit repetitive. And i was hungry.) and before it all turned into a big clump of dough Oliver felt like the pasta master.

Making an egg nest out of flour. Why not.

So new and shiny. And such a bitch to operate

You would think it only needed one folding but no, each dough ball needs to be run through it about 20 times.

Once done it looked good. Before it all clumped up. Happy Oliver

We ended up eating normal pasta but the food was delicious and at least now we know what not to do when making pasta

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