It felt like Puck where standing giggling behind a tree looking on at the wicked mayhem he created

Back after one of this magical Midsummer Night weekends. If Shakespeare ever came to Sweden I understand how everything can have turned to night light beautiful forest magic.

Me and Oliver started out at Mum and Dads on Thursday with home cooked dinner and late night walk and then on to Eriks for a full on Midsummer extravaganza. There was all my old friends, fire ball shots, butter and almond cake, dancing in the sauna, sun in my face when on the boat and general happiness.

After Midsummer we went back to the country house for a couple of days detoxing body and soul (well needed since my parents kept telling me I looked green) and back in London yesterday evening. tired today but well worth it.

Midsummer picture will follow

I’m coming home

In a couple of hours I’m on a plane to my loved Sweden. Midsummer and then a couple of days at the country house. I jumped out of bed (well, almost) this morning since I’m so excited I kind of want to wee a little bit in my pants.

A couple of highlights will be to teach Oliver to dance the frog dance, drink a glass of wine with mum and dad tonight and do the girly squeak when I see all my friends. And that’s just the non midsummery ones.

See you soon Dad and dont forget to get that BiB out.

The forest hold all the secrets of childhood. If you walk really quietly you might walk straight into a group of deers.

Only little more than 24 hours before I’m back in my Sweden sitting at mum and dads table eating mums amazing home cooked food. 24 hours feel like a long time, need to survive two busy days first (yes, I am busy even if I make time for this).

I will do it all condensed into a weekend. I will eat cheese on bread, walk in the forest at my country house, dance at Midsummer, hug my cousins, pat the horses, eat new potatoes and strawberries, pick flowers, tell mum and dad everything that is going on (even if they already know everything from this little space), sleep in, try and have time to really relax before its time to be back to London, crazy times at work and moving.

I kind of need this weekend.

Pasta making and the smell of mushrooms boiling

The quest for the hardest home made food ever continues. Yesterday it was time to try out Oliver’s new pasta machine. It only took about 3 hours to produce something that in the end wasnt edible. Better luck next time. It was fun on the way (well, for the first 10 times through the machine, then it turned a bit repetitive. And i was hungry.) and before it all turned into a big clump of dough Oliver felt like the pasta master.

Making an egg nest out of flour. Why not.

So new and shiny. And such a bitch to operate

You would think it only needed one folding but no, each dough ball needs to be run through it about 20 times.

Once done it looked good. Before it all clumped up. Happy Oliver

We ended up eating normal pasta but the food was delicious and at least now we know what not to do when making pasta

Road cones, champagne tastings and back on the pole

Tired today, it was a long but fun weekend. On Friday I met up with Oliver, Miranda and Tristanfor dinner and then we went to see the game with Pettan and his norwegian gang at Walmer Castle.

We lost. Fuck.

The guys were gutted but kept the spirit up all through the game

The place was packed. Only good thing about loosing is that the boys didnt get their asses kicked.

In the morning my amazing boyfriend brought me breakfast in bed and we went out on the town to see an exhibition and spent a day together. In the evening I went to meet up with my colleagues for champagne tasting…

…it ended at 6 o clock drinking wine and talking at my place (why is always someone stealing a road gone?)

First some (a lot) drinks at raffles to say goodbye to Tompa who is on his way back to Sweden again.

In the morning we felt like shit (this picture dont really make it justice)

after hours on the balcony talking about all those important things in life

ha, this captures exactly how we felt. I spent the day in bed before meeting oliver and Miranda for the movie ‘A royal affair’ and pizza.

Ham capes and priest collars

Friday! The sun is shining and we will watch Sweden try not to get beaten by England tonight. It’s a win win situation. If we win it’s amazing, if England wins the whole city will be dancing in the streets and if there is one thing the Londoners are good at it’s that street party thing.

I went out for a walk this morning. Went to bed early when Oliver and his sister was up partying east and jumped out of bed this morning. I kept giving myself mental high fives all through my walk.

 Prästkragar was blooming all over the cemetery.

 For my grave I also want a bed of pink flowers.

A pigeon with a cape made of ham. I wonder if he deliberately saved his food for worse days. How did it end up there is my next question. Did someone throw it at him or did ham fall from the sky?