Sun cats, green risotto and friendship

This is turning out to be one of those unexpectedly lovely days. Happy to help Oliver with his shoot this morning and coming in to work everyone is realxed since we postponed all the stress we were feeling with too tight release schedules.

I look at the Clash job Oliver did and I’m so proud of him (and my sun cats, look in the eyes, the little catch light is all me). 

Me and Silvija took a long lunch at Bill’s talking about vacations, food, work and the joy of being out with your friends and dancing all night, all while eating a really nice lunch of risotto and hallumi burger. It doesn’t happen often enough. 

Im emailing with my friends and feel the love of true friendships. What are you without them? ‘Inget utom en liten lort’ as Astrid Lindgren wrote and that’s how it feels. How much your friends lift you when they take you by the hand and see you. To be seen by people you love make you feel like you can take on the world.

Truly one of those unexpected happy days.

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