Among butterflies and dead cows i eat ice cream and pizza

I had a very quiet weekend. Decided to clean the liver before Ibiza (or as oliver says ‘that will hopefully make you a light weight for the week’) and didn’t drink a drop focusing on long mornings in bed.

On Friday we had dinner in, watched a movie and had ice cream in bed. Saturday we took a walk, ate more ice cream and made home made pizza. Oliver cooked, Miranda and me read books and complained about it taking long. Not so very nice dinner guests perhaps. On Sunday we went to Tate and saw Damien Hirst. Must say i prefer the butterfly room to the dead fly painting or cut in half cow. Ate more ice cream after all that drama and then went to bed.

Now gym. 4x ice cream do that to you (yes, sneaked one in after pizza)

 Yum, ice cream in bed

 First pizza try. Tasty but somewhat weird looking. Well, you cant have it all or at least that is what they say.

 My over crowded pizza. Best There Is.

 Mum and baby cow. Cut in half. So you can see the inside. That is the best way of enjoying cows.

 Nice. Made me feel like a cigarette (maybe not like a cigarette but like having one)

There was a room filled with butterflies. Pretty.

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