I can’t escape your memory

It’s sun out today. It’s sun and the happiness runs through my body like on a really fast train. It wakes up all that have been dead for couple of weeks. Like water on plants, or one of those animals you put in water as a kid that grew or the wind rustling leaves. I can feel my insides stretch and turn outwards to feel the sun and my mind doing mini jumps in celebration.

I will keep this happiness today. Nothing will disturb it, of that I will make sure. I’m thinking of everything I love; ice cream, my boyfriend, the smell of sun on skin, three weeks in sweden with family and friends, dancing, songs that make me want to sing a long, swim in turquoise waters, reading calvino and preparing for a week in the sun.

The happiness sits in my breast like a little squirrel (the cute ones, not the big grey ones here in London) and i mentally pat it on its head and feed it some nuts. We have an amazing day ahead of us.

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