This is just another form of talking. To the people at home I dont see often enough. More of a monologue but at least I get to say hi

Another sunny day and another evening in the park with Oliver. We met at Notting Hill Gate, bought sushi, found a sunny spot and laid down to talk. That’s what we do when we see each other. Talk. Oliver tries to make me play chess or go and i dodge. Not because I dont like playing chess (Go gives me a headache) but because I love talking.

I’m a tiny bit afraid of the day when you stop having something to say and find other things to do to spend the time together. Things to fill up the silent gaps. I love talking to the people I care about. I want to find out more about them but also share the things I see. I’ve always been laughed at for my love of talking but for me its the best way of understanding the world around me.

That world have been a bit confusing of late so i keep talking hoping to understand.

 When I asked him what he is doing he said he was pretending to be a rabbit. Ok.

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