Soft autumn light

I felt light this weekend. Light and happy. Held hand with Oliver, kissed cold autumn kisses and thought that my life is wonderful. Like waking up.

A weekend of happy birthday smiles. I saw Nat, beautiful in green, drink Gin & Tonic with a mustache straw and Ed being so proud of being by her side. Walked around in an outdoor, indoor house with brick walls and bright shining star finding Ben and Candice making plans for their future. Candice dreaming of picking flowers, pregnant. Met Oliver’s friends and thought about moving up East.  Birthday boy Tom had a happy drunken smile.

Long slow morning in bed, homemade granola and egg sandwiches. Took a walk and made a painting inspired by Sara. When it’s her birthday you have to paint bananas. The spray paint fumes made all of us think we were kings and queens of the world. Except for Zig, he hid.

Another slow morning. Beautiful drawings in the Serpentine, more kisses and dark brown eyes. Oliver painting me and me looking at him. Ended the weekend with a movie eating this years best cherries in the dark.

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