Yes, life keeps happening around me

London is beautiful today. I went to the doctor for a blood test this morning and on the way to work I took a walk through the park. Stunning! A start to the day that makes me believe.

In less than a week im in NYC with the girls. We are celebrating Maggie, dancing all night, drinking tequila and playing bingo, walking around in our prettiest clothes and meeting new people. Im so excited I can barely think about it.

Before that Im planning on enjoying every minute with Oliver and suck in all the energy i can for winter. Like a bear going into hibernation. I need all the positiveness I can collect so that I can live on that all through the dark months.

 On Saturday we went up to Golborne road for street food. Sitting in the sun eating freshly grilled fish felt like holiday.


 Oliver photographed Hanne. She looked like a dream.

 Our bedroom became a Studio.

 I snuck out to hang with the guy being back from Sweden eating a mountain of chicken.

 The rest of us werent so healthy.

 Sunday was spent in bed for the most part even if I could see the sun outside the window.

Monday night I came home to the remnants of what look like a better house party. It was just Eds phot shoot featuring a girl dribbling water melon all over herself.

 Yesterday feeling energized so while cooking for Oliver and me I also made granola. Nu sugar but still so good. Chewy. There are both figs and cherries in there. I have definitely found my preference before anything you can buy in the store.

 The cleaner had been there and the flat looked pretty. I forbade Oliver from dethroning (ha, i just saw this – I wonder who I dont want Oliver to dethrone? I think what i was trying to say was that i dont want him to destroy the peace and tranquility)  for at least one night.

 Morning walk. London was showing off her best side.

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