Maggie’s birthday in heaven

We celebrated Maggie yesterday with an amazing day. Started out by singing for her in our bling up bday home. After that sat in the sun by the water, went to a museum, had the best lunch at freemans, went home and dolled up, went for a helicopter ride over manhattan, drinks at schillers and then dinner at red rooster in harlem. The perfect day!

Today happy but tired and going out for a day of shopping.

A message from nyc

Hi dad (and everyone else)

We are having a really good time. Celebrating maggie turning 30 today and living nyc. When we landed we headed out for tequila bingo. I won a t-shirt and tequila shots, getting something for my profession.

Im still in bed trying to not wake mag up, soon meet sanna och f in the kitchen to fix her pink bday morning.

When we were out on mon i got flowers from a homeless man because i was sad. It bodes well for the rest of the week starting it up with someone being so sweet.

Goodbye London, Hello NYC!

Knowing myself I wont update over the weekend or when Im in NYC so goodbye everyone, a week of gluttonous decadence lay ahead of me (I said that to sound cool, we’ll probably eat salads and feel way too hang over for two nights in a row)

Before that celebrating Oliver’s bday tomorrow (I’m so excited about my gift) and tonight going to late night Tate. Kix laughed when she heard that – how the mighty have fallen. Late night museum rather than late night nightclub. I’m rocking it with a bunch of middle aged ladies.

Broken hearts and vegetable soup

I went to Kix for dinner yesterday. It was Kix, Lisen, Zigster and me. A proper girls night (zig is kind of like a girl) and we made soup, talked about boys and laughed until our stomach’s hurt. There were also sweets, lots of them and plans for karaoke night a Blue Nun. I decided to pretend not to hear that until I’m back from NYC.

 On the tube these 3 guys came and played happy music to everyone. They were really good and all of a sudden I could see a smile spread across the faces near (that dont really show in this picture, everyone look murderous. Boring people. I smiled and the girls next to me danced).

 Zigster slept all through the evening. Found himself a favourit spot. Cheeky bastard.

Lisen put an end to her relationship once and for all. They guy took out the big guns and tried to make up for weeks of being a twat by using the big words. Lisen ended all of that by saying ‘Anyways, I gave your hoodie to a homeless man’. Epic!

Happy rainy thoughts

I went out with work for a drink yesterday. I dared my stomach to see if I could handle it. I could, drinking vodka and not too much worked like a charm, no signs of unhappy stomach. I call that a win!

We were out for a couple of hours meeting lots of old Unibet heroes since Lisa was in town. And some new ones. One of the mobile guys were so drunk he fell off a chair. A bar stool. Straight to the floor. He also dropped a beer into someones bag. He looked a bit gloomy this morning.

Coming home from my social evening Oliver cooked me food. Im so spoiled. 

We met again. Vodka i like you.

Taking a walk under my blue umbrella during lunch. It poured, I walked anyway.

Now heading home to Kix for soup and a cuddle with the Ziglet. And important talks about life.

Anything could happen

Coming up to the surface for air after a year living under water I see that there is so much to do out there. All of a sudden I’m excited. I find myself again and that part of me that dream and make up plans.

I’ve been baking more the last month than ever before. Things that excite me, home made cookies and granola’s, I write things that make me smile, I plan games and parties and I feel creative helping Oliver’s mum out.

It’s something about that feeling. Realizing you can again, that you want to dream and act.

There is still a bit left. I still dont feel very social and Im happiest at home collecting the pieces of me. I do love seeing my friends again though but new people scare me a little. Im not sure how to behave.

Im allowed to take it slow, to let it take its time. I know that now.